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Getting out the door in the morning with breakfast is always a challenge for me. Cereal gets old and I just don’t have time to make anything of substance like pancakes or an omelet. Today’s recipe, a breakfast burrito, hits all the important marks for me:

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Since I moved this past weekend I am looking for some true comfort food. A friend once made me Scotch eggs on a dreadful rainy day – the kind where the cold goes straight through your bones. Scotch eggs were the perfect remedy.

They were crispy on the outside with delicious, tender sausage cradling the hard-boiled egg. Truly a perfect protein package.

He had deep-fried them, which is never a bad thing if you know how to keep the temperature of your oil constant. I shallow fry them, which uses less oil but still delivers a crispy crumb crust.

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The energy in Hong Kong is near-frenetic, with people rushing purposefully, escalators revved up to move at high speeds and traffic whizzing by. I love the signs painted on the asphalt – “look left,” “look right.” With cars driving on the opposite side of the road from the States, it’s easy to be step into oncoming traffic looking the wrong way.

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